Fake Gold?

How Will I Know That the Gold is Real?

GREAT question! If you are spending $2,000+ for a coin you need PROOF that it is real! Not all dealers will have the ability to test the coins in front of you! You will have to trust that you are getting the real thing, scary! We see counterfeits almost daily and do not expect you to trust us.

We want to build a long term relationship including gaining your trust and complete confidence.


We have invested in a gold tester called the Sigma Metalytics Precious Metals Verifier PRO. It measures the coin in four separate measurements that ensure that the coin or bar contains valid metal. Because we measure surface resistivity, and the resistivity all the way through the coin at the same time, you will not have to worry about the depth of the buried metal. We measure the thickness of the metal, even for coins in plastic holders. In addition, the density is also verified to be correct by measuring coin or bar dimensions directly on the instrument. With these additional checks, you will find greatly increased security using the Precious Metal Verifier. Most importantly, this testing is done at the time of purchase!

KNOWING That Your Coin or Bar is Genuine is Critical!

Our unique experience in the business applied with 35+ years of experience will make you comfortable with your transaction.